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I was put on this earth to read a certain number of books. I am now so far behind I will never die.

Wild Cards  - George R.R. Martin I enjoyed this mosaic novel/anthology a lot more than I expected. Even knowing Martin was the editor of this book, I was surprised at how dark this was. Authors certainly didn't shy away from hard decisions or from taking the characters to unexpected places. Another surprise was how much history it covered. From post-WW2 to MyCarthyism to the Counter Revolution and the early 80s. Sometimes the focus was exclusively on the characters while other stories took a slightly wider view through their characters eyes. And the editing was wonderfully done. Extremely good book and probably a 4.5 out of 5.

Note: the 2010 reprint of this book features three brand new stories. David Levine's story is very good and fits right in with the others. Carrie Vaughn's Wraith origin story is also good, though it superfluous since the character is introduced later in the series with no prior introduction. I did not like Michael Cassutt's contribution at all. The reprint is still worth it if only to read the original stories.